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    Recognised expertise in safety and security

Assets Protection Management

We bring together the right skills and the right partners to manage and deliver complex projects.
Audit, strategic support, projects, training.

APM in a nutshell


APM is an audit and consultancy firm specialising in safety and health and safety at work.

APM has developed a number of high-performance, innovative software solutions to complement its services.


You’ll be able to understand your situation simply and quickly, and gain greater freedom to make decisions. You’ll have full operational control.

It’s a certainty:

You will benefit from making your working environments healthier and safer. By controlling everything that could impact on the safety of your company as a whole, all your employees, whatever their level, will be made to face up to their responsibilities.

We will convince you that all organisations benefit from working in a healthier and safer environment, while guaranteeing a high level of quality and productivity.

Our SecuTools solution



You see your company as a whole

You’re always working on the latest version

Your data is protected and stored in Switzerland

Your time is quickly optimised

SecuTools is also :
Optimisation of insurance premiums Improved quality of life in the workplace A dynamic management tool

Use cases

Some success stories

Find out how APM brings real added value to its partners.

Luxury group
(top 3 worldwide)

> 100 sites
brought into compliance worldwide

Gold mines
in Central Asia

> 72’000 checklists

A leading player in the refining
and chemistry of precious metals

– 90% of accidents
on site

One of Europe’s leaders
in secure valuables logistics

> 19’000 transports
supervised per month

Trust is a major factor:
without it, no project can succeed.

APM’s strengths

International experience since 1998.

An expert in the economic fabric and its specific features.

A recognised player in the fields of Security and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Developer of software tools related to your activities.

A partner of choice, close to you.

A reliable, made-to-measure, quality partner.

ISO 27 001
(in progress)